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Palma International Airport 07611 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Tel :  + 34 902 404 704 

Airlines AT Palma Airport 

Iberia Airlines
Tel: + 34 971 262 600    
Palma Airport provides several facilities to ensure that you have a comfortable stay at the airport while waiting for your flight. These facilities spare you the inconvenience of having to go back into town to obtain that item that you accidentally forgot to pick at the supermarket or otherwise.

Food and Snacks

Want to stuff something tasty in your stomach as you wait for the flight? There are a couple of available restaurants where you can catch that snack, or just relax in before take-off time. The Kiosco Isla Bonita and Air Zone Canary Islands are two cafes where you will find the right atmosphere to relax in as you wait for the plane. If you have just arrived and are waiting for the collection party, the cafe will also offer a good waiting place.


In the event that you have health complications before or after a flight, there is a pharmacy in place where you can obtain some medicine to get you back in health. Flights can be long and tiring and in some situations may lead to nausea or headaches. Feel free to pick up something from the pharmacy to get you going again.

Gift and Crafts Shop

If you want to purchase a souvenir or gift item for loved ones back home, there is the La Casa de los Balcones where you are guaranteed to obtain the perfect gift for the special people in your heart. If you are visiting friends you will also be able to get something to surprise them with.


Recycling Shop Jeronimo offers great fashion items to select from. Here you will find uniquely crafted items to fit with your style and leave you standing out from the crowd. The shop also offers various accessories that one easily forgets to pack. If this is the case for you, feel free to drop in and obtain that item that will make your journey experience really complete.


You cannot store baggage at Mallorca Airport. On the ground floor there is a window for lost and found objects (tel: +34(0)971 789 456).


By the check-in counters and in the Arrivals Hall there are information kiosks (tel: +34(0)971 789 924). The employees are recognizable by their blue jacket, they can also be found walking around the terminal building.

On the ground floor there is a counter for tourist information (tel: +34(0)971 789 556), you can also find various offices of travel agents in the Arrivals Hall.


There are two VIP lounges at the airport: on the ground floor in the Departures Hall, Miro (tel: +34(0)971 789 631) and in the Departures D, Formentor (tel: +34(0)971 787 693). There are also complete office spaces as well as meeting and conference spaces available, catering can also be arranged. For further information (tel: +34(0)971 789 620).

Disabled facilities

The airport is completely accessible for the disabled. There are adapted elevators, restrooms, telephones and information is also available in Braille. For the use of a wheelchair you can contact your airline. On each floor of the parking garage there are places reserved for the disabled.
Palma Airport Facilities