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Palma International Airport 07611 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Tel :  + 34 902 404 704 

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Iberia Airlines
Tel: + 34 971 262 600    
Travelling to the city centre from the airport using a Palma airport taxi makes for a brilliant idea as it gives one the opportunity to pass by the popular spots in the city on your way to the hotel.

Generally speaking, Palma airport taxis have two charging rates. These are determined by the time of the day. Public holidays also have different rates from ordinary days.

To hire a Palma airport taxi from 6.00am up to 10.00pm during working days, the average transportation rates are €0.5352 per km with the minimum fare being €2.80. If you want to hold the taxi, the waiting charges are €14.5395 per hour. You also have the option of quarterly charges for holding the taxi. This is €3.60 for every 15 minutes. There is also an airport charge of €1.65.

From 10.00pm to 6.00am, and all day on holidays, the Palma airport taxi rates change to €0.60 per kilometre with the minimum charge being €3.35. The waiting charges remain the same at €14.5395 per hour and €3.60 for quarterly charges.

Palma airport taxis are available at the taxi rank located outside the terminals. While making online reservations for a taxi it is always important to inquire about all of the charges involved and who is to cater for them. For instance, the airport charges can easily skip one’s mind. It is always wise to inquire on these extra charges, and who is to foot the bill/fare.

When using the Palma airport taxi services ensure you pass by the fabulous historic sites the city has to offer. There is the La Seu built between 1229 and 1601. This is the magnificent Cathedral located within the city. There is also the old town towards the south of the city. These are but a few of the eye-catching sights that the Palma airport taxi drivers will be glad to take you to.
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