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Palma Airport Arrivals Mallorca and flight stats Today.

FMMLW 8552Estimated : Sep 30 11:25Scheduled
MADUX 6013Estimated : Sep 30 11:23En Route / Delayed
STNFR 1202Estimated : Sep 30 11:16En Route / On Time
ORYVY 6938Estimated : Sep 30 11:15En Route / On Time
BHXLS 1275Estimated : Sep 30 11:15En Route / Delayed
MAHYW 8495Estimated : Sep 30 11:13En Route / Delayed
LGWBA 2568Estimated : Sep 30 11:13En Route / On Time
OSLDY 1734Estimated : Sep 30 11:07En Route / On Time
MANU2 1911Estimated : Sep 30 11:06En Route / On Time
EAPEC 1055Estimated : Sep 30 11:02En Route / On Time
BODEC 7455Estimated : Sep 30 10:56, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:56Landed / Taxiing
IBZEstimated : Sep 30 10:55, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:55Arrived
CGNX3 590Estimated : Sep 30 10:53, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:53Landed / Taxiing
IBZWT 502Estimated : Sep 30 10:50Scheduled
GLALS 189Estimated : Sep 30 10:49, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:49Arrived / Gate Arrival
SVQVY 3941Estimated : Sep 30 10:46, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:46Arrived / Gate Arrival
NCLLS 531Estimated : Sep 30 10:44, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:44Arrived / Gate Arrival
WROEstimated : Sep 30 10:43, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:43Arrived
MANLS 831Estimated : Sep 30 10:40, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:40Arrived / Gate Arrival
LCYCJ 8483Estimated : Sep 30 10:38, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:38Arrived / Gate Arrival
SZGEW 4368Estimated : Sep 30 10:37, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:37Landed / Taxiing
BCNVY 3906Estimated : Sep 30 10:35, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:35Arrived / Gate Arrival
MANBY 2540Estimated : Sep 30 10:34, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:34Arrived
LBALS 257Estimated : Sep 30 10:30, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:30Arrived / Gate Arrival
IBZYW 8517Estimated : Sep 30 10:29, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:29Arrived / Gate Arrival
BFSLS 361Estimated : Sep 30 10:27, Actual Landing : Sep 30 10:27Arrived / Gate Arrival
GVAEC 1513Estimated : Sep 30 10:04Taxiing / Left Gate
VLCX5 4008Estimated : Sep 30 10:02Taxiing / Delayed
ALCX5 4025Estimated : Sep 30 09:29Taxiing / Left Gate
IBZWT 500Estimated : Sep 30 08:00Scheduled

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The arrivals area of the airport is going to be located on the ground floor of the terminal that you arrive in. Once you get off of your plane, go to the appropriate area. This can include Passport Control or the baggage claim or Customs as well.

Immigration and Passports

Once you get off of your flight, you will need to pass through Immigration and Passports sections. If you are coming from a country or region outside of the Schengen area, this is a required step. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has more information on what requirements you need in order to enter Spain properly.

Baggage Claim

Once you have left the plane and gone through all the necessary Immigration steps, you can proceed to the baggage claim. There will be signs that guide you to the baggage claim. Once you are at the baggage claim area, look at the signs to see which baggage carousel is carrying the baggage from your flight. Go to one of the 18 carousels and claim your bag. If you have baggage that us lost or damaged in transit, you can see the airline desk or handling agent to inquire about next steps.


If you are carrying products that need to be declared, you must make that known as you go through Customs. Examples include food, large amounts of cash, and expensive electronics. If you don’t know whether something needs to be declared, you should ask at the Customs desk. It is better to be safe when dealing with Customs and ask if there is something that you’re unclear about.

Shops & Restaurants

In the arrivals area, there are a couple of different shops and restaurants that you can get something to eat or buy gifts. The restaurants located in the arrivals area are Deli & Cia and Restaurante Sa Cala. The Market is a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and some essentials that you may need.

Banking Services

If you need to access money through your bank account, there are ATMs located in the arrivals area. There is one in the baggage claim area and another in the lobby of the arrivals area. These machines are provided by Euronet.

Car Hire

If you need to rent a car, there are several car hire desks for various companies located in the arrivals lobby.

Palma Airport

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