Palma Airport History

The Palma airport is rich in history and goes back to the 1920s. Back then, it was used by seaplanes primarily. Ever since its inception, the airport has been built and improved upon to make it more accommodating to different types of flights. The first upgrade that this airport received was in 1965 when there was major renovations and the addition of a terminal.

The reason that the airport was expanded upon in 1965 was that there were an increasing number of passengers coming through the airport and they could not keep up with the demand. In 1974, there were more additions and renovations made to the airport to add another terminal. In this round of renovations, there was also a power plant added to satisfy the energy needs of the airport.

By the year 1980, 7 million passengers annually were using the airport. This represented significant growth, prompting the addition of a communications center and fire-fighting capabilities. By 1986, the number of annual passengers reached 10 million, which called for the addition of yet another terminal. The construction of this terminal took a long time and finally concluded in 1997.

Since the airport is only 8 kilometers from the city, it is an incredibly popular airport for tourists. Transit from the airport to the hotels in the city are a very short drive and you can get there affordably by public bus and taxi. You can also rent a car from Hertz or Avis. Historically, visitors use each of these services often.