Mallorca Taxis
Mallorca Taxis
Mallorca Taxis

Mallorca Taxis

Know Before You Fly

When you’re on holiday in Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands near Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, taking a taxi can be a perfect way to achieve your vacation goals.

Taxis provide a comfortable, quick and direct ride from your hotel or other accommodation to wherever you want to visit, whether that’s restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, historic locations, and much more. And the only people in the taxi will be you, the driver and your traveling companions, compared to having to share a bus ride with strangers.

If you’re taking any items with you for a day trip – such as a bag, purse or anything else – then taxis also give you complete security for these items because they can be locked in the trunk.

Just remember that you will have to pay fares for your taxi rides, and these can add up so it’s important to budget accordingly, and include extra Euros for any tips you’d like to leave.

Top facts to learn about Mallorca taxis

Licensed taxis that can pick passengers up at Palma Airport, in the city of Palma and elsewhere across the island will all be colored white and have a yellow and red stripe down their middle. They’ll have a “TAXI” sign on the roof that will be lit up in green when the taxi is available.

Every taxi driver is required to put their license and their taxi registration number on display where passengers can see them, and it must be placed on the window by the front passenger’s seat in the vehicle. If you can’t find this information then ask the driver to show you it.

There are more than 1,200 licensed taxi drivers operating in Mallorca so it should not be difficult to get a ride. If you’re in Palma or another urban area then you have a few options for finding a taxi – you could try to wave one down from the sidewalk as it passes by and then get in, you could book a ride in advance, or you could call for one from a hotel, bar or other venue.

The typical taxi on the island will seat either four passengers or six passengers depending on the model of the vehicle, so you’ll want the larger car if you are traveling in a big group. Taxi rides will be based per number of vehicles used, rather than being charged per passenger.

If there is anyone in your group that has physical disabilities or any type of mobility problems, you can call taxi companies in advance to book a vehicle designed to accommodate them. These taxis will have room to stow a wheelchair and you won’t pay a surcharge for that.

Should you have young children in your vacation group, there are child seats available for them to use during the taxi ride, but it’s recommended to book this type of journey in advance, rather than taking the chance on a taxi that you flag down in the street having the right child seats.

What you’ll pay when using taxis in Mallorca

Taxis operate using meters in Mallorca, which means they charge by the distance traveled and the fare will be more expensive for longer trips. In addition, you can expect the fares to be more expensive if your journey is during a public holiday, in the evening or on a weekend.

From Monday through to Friday, if you’re taking a taxi between 7am and 9pm then the minimum charge is €3 and then you’ll pay €0.80 for every kilometer of the journey. If you have to keep the taxi waiting for you for an extended amount of time, this is charged at €16.04 each hour.

Every day of the week from 9pm through to 7am, the minimum charge increases to €4 and the per kilometer fee also rises to €1.02, with the hourly waiting cost increased to €18.40.

Additional extra fees can also apply depending on what you need from the taxi ride, for example you’ll pay €0.60 for each item of luggage that you need to transport in the vehicle.

Tipping your taxi driver is not compulsory on the island, but it’s still considered a nice gesture to give them Euros equivalent to about 10 percent of the final fare if you think that the ride was safe, quick and comfortable. Should you have any problems with the driver, such as feeling that the journey was dangerous, then you are under no obligation to give them any tip.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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