Palma airport Lost & Found
Palma airport Lost & Found
Palma airport Lost & Found

Palma Airport Lost And Found

Whenever you fly anywhere on vacation or for work, there’s always the risk that your luggage might go missing – but the good news if you’re flying in or out of Palma Airport is that there’s an efficient system in place for helping people get reunited with their items quickly.

The airport is believed to handle more than 20 million individual pieces of luggage each year, but unfortunately even with the best processing in place there are still times when suitcases, personal belongings and more might go missing. If you have a flight landing at or departing from Palma Airport, rest assured that it’s only a small fraction of possessions that go missing.

When you land at Palma Airport and have cleared security, if you have checked any bags on the airplane then you should head directly to the baggage reclaim area. There will be signs in the terminal showing you where to go, or you can ask an airport representative for directions.

Keep an eye out on the baggage reclaim carousel for your luggage, and remember that many suitcases look alike – don’t be afraid to check directly with strangers if they appear to be trying to collect bags that appear very similar to yours, because people can often be mistaken.

Steps to take if your luggage doesn’t appear

Be aware that if your flight lands early but takes a long time to disembark, the luggage might already have been offloaded and placed somewhere in the airport’s baggage reclaim zone, so ask an airport representative if this has happened and look for your suitcases there.

The first step is to wait until there is an announcement that all of the baggage from your flight has been delivered to the relevant carousel. If your items have still not appeared, this is when you should walk to the lost and found office which is located in the area for claiming your suitcases. You can find this office situated between baggage carousels 1 through 3.

If your luggage is definitely not anywhere in the reclaim zone, a staff member at the lost and found office will need to see your boarding pass, luggage tag and your identification. There is a barcode on the luggage tag that they can enter in a computer to try and locate your bags.

Typically, luggage that has not arrived with your flight will have been delayed at whatever airport you departed from on the way to Mallorca, and it should only take a few hours or overnight for the suitcases to arrive. If this is the case then the staff at the lost and found office will help you with making arrangements to get the luggage delivered to wherever you are staying.

If you end up in this situation then once you’re at the lost and found office you will be required to complete a “Property Irregularity Report” that includes all of the relevant details of your travel including the number of the flight, your full name and a complete description of whatever belongings are missing. The form should also have a contact number for the airport lost and found division that you can call to get a status update on your missing luggage.

Luggage handling agents at Palma Airport

Acciona+34 971 787 933Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Easy Jet (Menzies Aviation)+34 902 599 900 / +34 971 787 541Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Eurowings+34 900 649 635Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Groundforce+34 902 190 271Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Iberia+34 901 111 342 /
+34 971 789 972 /
+34 971 789 979
Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Jet2+34 971 787 714Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Norwegian+34 971 787 541Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall
Ryanair+34 971 789 647Floor 0, baggage reclaim hall


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