Palma Airport Wi-Fi
Palma Airport wifi
Palma Airport wifi

Accessing Wi-Fi At Palma (PMI) Airport

Airports around the world are now offering travelers Wi-Fi, often for free, as getting online at the terminal can be essential whether you’re flying on vacation or for work. Palma de Mallorca Airport, also referred to by its International Air Transport Association code of PMI or simply as Palma Airport, is no exception and Wi-Fi is available whether you’re flying in or out.

Quick, free and reliable Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, and getting online is very simple whether you are using a mobile phone, laptop or any other device with internet access. There are four simple steps that you need to take in order to get online at the airport, whether you are trying to access the internet before security and check-in or while waiting to depart:

  1. Look for available Wi-Fi connections on your electronic device and click on “Airport Free Wi-Fi Aena” so that this is selected as your network for online access.
  2. Next, open your preferred internet browser and type in “” and then hit enter in order to load the website for finalizing your internet access.
  3. The website will show you a welcome page where you’ll be given the option of logging on to the internet using your email address, LinkedIn account or Facebook profile.
  4. After entering your personal information you will then be shown the airport Wi-Fi terms and conditions, and once you click to accept these you’ll be online.

The typical connection speed for most Palma Airport Wi-Fi connections is about 2 Megabits per second, which should be sufficient for browsing websites and checking your email. For online activities that can require faster speeds, like streaming movies, the connection may be too slow.

Although the connection is free, it is subsidized by advertising so you will see this while browsing. You can choose to pay for premium Wi-Fi that does not have any advertising.

Top tip: If you are already registered with Aena Club Ciente, a loyalty club for Spanish airports that is free to join, you can use this information to log on to Palma Airport’s Wi-Fi. This not only has the benefit of allowing you to skip the registration step, but the connection will be faster.

In previous years, travelers were limited to between 15 and 30 minutes of free internet access using the airport Wi-Fi, but the good news is that connections are no longer time limited.

In addition to joining the airport Wi-Fi network from anywhere in the terminal, there are also 22 individual kiosks where you can pay with coins to access the internet for a limited time. Some of these kiosks also have printers in case you need fresh copies of your boarding passes. These kiosks can be a great choice for anyone who isn’t raveling with an internet-ready device.

Yet another option for accessing the internet is by paying for access to one of the VIP lounges at Palma Airport, because these typically have their own private networks for visitors.


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