Palma Airport Parking
Palma Airport Parking
Palma Airport Parking

Palma Airport Parking

Know Before You Fly

Whether you are picking up a friend or family member from Palma Airport or getting ready to leave for a vacation overseas, having a space to park can be essential.

You’ll find there are several options from which to choose if you’d like to use the parking spaces at this busy airport, ranging from short-term parking through the long-term stays of several weeks. The prices will range based on the type of parking that you need and the duration you want it for, so keep reading to learn all about what’s on offer when parking at the airport.

Parking options and costs at Palma Airport

General parking

This car park covers four floors in an enclosed roof building and it is meant for people who need a parking space for up to 4 days. It has a useful guidance system that can help you locate the remaining free parking spaces in the building, which can help when it is crowded.

There is a direct walkway that you can take from the car park’s fourth level to get to the main airport terminal’s departure section, and there’s also a direct link to the arrivals area.

Rates here are charged by the minute, starting at €0.463803 for the first minute, then dropping to €0.017272 for the second minute through to the first half hour, after which time the rate increases again to €0.032157 for the rest of the day. You will never pay more than €16.50 per day for the first 4 days of parking in this area, and if you stay for more than 4 days but less than 9 days then this rate will lower to €11.50 daily, and it is €10.50 for stays of more than 9 days.

Long stay

Designed for people who need to leave a vehicle at the airport for more than 4 days or even several weeks while on vacation, this car park is situated just a 4 minute drive from the terminal building, and it has 24-hour security, which should give you peace of mind while you’re away. A single day is priced at €7, while a week is €37 if you reserve in advance or €41 otherwise.

Once you drop your car off you can take a free bus shuttle to get to the airport, which operates starting at 6am and ends at midnight daily, and a bus picks up every 12 minutes. If you need to access the car park outside of these hours you must call (+34) 664 544 313 for assistance.


Also known as the first class car park, it is closest to the main airport terminal building, making it very convenient if you are either dropping off for a flight or picking up someone that has arrived. The walkway from the car park’s fourth level is just a 2 minute walk from the airport.

Because of the increased convenience of parking in this area, the rates will be higher than for the standard general or long stay parking, although the maximum daily charge is €20.


This is the most expensive of the car parking options at Palma Airport, costing €169 per vehicle, but for this high rate you will be given an unbeatable quality of service.

All you need to do is drive your car to the airport terminal, where a valet driver will take your keys and park the vehicle in an exclusive, restricted parking area that is only for VIP customers. As well as the chauffeur service, this car park also has security at all hours of the day.


Located right outside the main airport terminal building, this parking is only meant for a few minutes for either picking passengers up or dropping them off before their flight.

Because it’s only meant to be used for a very short amount of time, the parking in this area does not cost anything if you use it for 15 minutes or less. If you park here for 16 minutes then a €1.65 charge will apply, and every minute after that will cost €0.043581 for every minute.

How car parking operates at Palma Airport

You can book your parking space in advance, and then decide whether or not to also pay before your trip. If you do pay ahead then this simplifies the process of exiting the airport, because you won’t have to go to a parking machine to pay whatever you owe. If you book ahead but don’t pay in advance then you’ll have to pay the balance when you leave the car park.

Alternatively, you can take a chance on not booking in advance and try to find somewhere for your vehicle on the day that you need parking.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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