Palma Airport Smoking
Palma airport Smoking
Palma airport Smoking

All About Smoking Areas At Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Airport

Know Before You Fly

Whether you’re just landing at, or about to take off from, Palma de Mallorca Airport – also known by its International Air Transport Association code of PMI or just as Palma Airport – if you’re a smoker then you’ll want to know whether that is allowed at the terminal.

As a general rule, smoking is prohibited inside any of the airport buildings, regardless of whether you’re before or after security. You must abide by this ban on smoking anywhere indoors at the airport, because you could face significant penalties for violating it.

Instead, smoking is only allowed at certain designated areas that are all located outside from the terminal and the other airport buildings. You can look for signs within the airport that will direct you to these specific smoking areas either before security or after near the gates, or if you are struggling to find them then you could ask a member of airport staff to help guide you.

One additional requirement when smoking outside at the airport is that you must keep a distance of at least 2 meters from anyone else, and you cannot ignore this mandate. You must also stand in place while smoking, which means you cannot walk while you smoke.

It’s also important to understand that the general ban on smoking indoors at the airport also applies to using vapes or electronic cigarettes in additional to traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes. And there are smoke detectors throughout the airport that will detect any such use.

If you are arriving at the airport from a flight and are looking to smoke after landing, then you must exit the arrivals area and then you smoke on the pedestrian walkway outside.

Another place where you can smoke after landing is at any of the cafes that you will find located just outside the airport, because these have approved smoking sections for customers.

If you are departing from the airport on a flight home and are looking to smoke before taking off, then one place that you can do this on benches that are located outside of the departures area. There’s also another specific smoking area to be found ahead of the security check location.

Once you have cleared through security and checked any luggage, you will find that there are a handful of small smoking areas that are located by some of the departure gates.

Whether you are traveling to or from the airport, it’s also vital to know that you are generally not allowed to smoke on any type of public transportation, in taxis or in rental cars.

Frequently asked questions about smoking areas at Palma Airport

There are smoke detectors throughout the property and they will catch you if you attempt to smoke inside, and if you’re caught then you could face having to pay a significant penalty.

No, the prohibition on smoking anywhere inside Palma Airport applies to any type of smoking, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes and vapes.

There should be signs at arrivals or departures directing you to the authorized outdoor smoking areas, and if you can’t find them then just ask an airport staff member for help.

Yes, there are a handful of designated smoking areas that can be found near some of the departure gates after you have checked any luggage and cleared security.

Yes, once your flight has arrived and you have gone through passport control and collected any checked luggage, if you step outside the arrivals terminal you can smoke in that area.

As a general rule, no, you are not allowed to smoke on any public transportation or in a rental car or taxi that you use to get from Palma Airport to your next destination.


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