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Palma Airport
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Palma Airport PMI

Palma Airport or Palma de Mallorca Airport is located 8km east of Palma Majorca. Also known as Son Sant Joan Airport, it is the third largest airport in Spain after the Madrid and Barcelona Airports. It is a busy airport having handled over 29 million passengers in 2019. The Spanish carrier Air Europa and German carrier Air Berlin use Palma Airport as their main base.

Palma Airport
Palma Airport
Palma Airport currently has four terminals and covers an area of 6.3km2. Terminal A serves domestic flights while terminals B, C and D cater for international flights. Currently Palma Airport has the capacity of handling 25 million passengers per year but there are future plans for expansion to allow it to handle up to 32 million passengers annually. The history of Palma Airport goes back to the 1920s where it was used by seaplanes. Since this time the airport has undergone gradual facelifts with major improvements coming in 1965 when a new terminal was built. This was as a result of the ever increasing number of passengers passing through Palma Airport. In 1974 a second runway was completed to handle

more of the traffic in the airport.  A power plant was also built here to cater for the rising energy needs. Palma Airport’s communications centre was upgraded and fire-fighting facilities included. In 1980, 7 million passengers used Palma Airport. This steadily increased to 10 million in 1986 necessitating the installation of another terminal. The construction of this terminal begun in 1993 and ended in 1997.

Palma Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Spain with nearly 29 million passengers.

Palma Airport operates from 1935 and is located 15 minutes by car from downtown.

Being just 8km from the city, Palma Airport is quite accessible, reducing your hustle of getting from the airport to the hotel room. There is public transport in the form of buses and taxis from the airport to the city. Several car hire companies such as Hertz and Avis offer rent-a-car services from Palma Airport for those who opt for the luxury of a hired vehicle.

Airport Summary

IATA airport code: PMI

ICAO airport code: LEPA

Airport type: Public / Military


Operator: AENA

Serves: Mallorca

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Focus city for:

  • Air Europa
  • EasyJet
  • Eurowings Europe
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling


Services available at the Palma Airport:

  • Baggage Carts
  • Shops and Restaurants
  • Duty free stores
  • Post Office
  • ATMs Arrivals, Departures and Check-in.
  • Police station
  • Air Fuel Companies
  • Car rental desks
  • Currency exchange
  • Internet Access

Handicap Accessibility

The airport itself has resources for those who are handicapped and has procedures in place for helping you access the airport. You must request assistance 48 hours in advance for an appointment to have airport staff help you through the airport. There are several convenient meeting points where you can meet up with staff.


When it comes to luggage, the Palma airport offers a lost luggage service, baggage wrapping machine, and bags for liquids that you might be wanting to carry. Each airline has its own lost luggage number and you should be able to find all the resources that you need for any issue relating to your luggage.

Lost and Found

There are two different types of services for those who have lost an item while flying. If you have lost the item on the plane itself, you must contact your airline to inquire as to its status and find out whether it has been found. If you have lost an item in the airport, then you can contact the airline lost and found telephone number.

Money Services

Within the Palma airport, there are several ATMs and currency exchange desks where you can do anything relating to financial services. There are three currency exchanges within the airport and several dozen ATMs.


There are several transportation options for you to utilize whether you are arriving at the airport or departing from it. Here is a breakdown of the transportation accommodations that the Palma airport has to offer for flyers.

Public Transport: For public transport, there are two options. The first is a public city bus that connect the airport to several different destinations in Palma. There are two bus lines that go to the port, the Arenal area, and the Palma city center. You can use these affordably and easily as they depart from the airport.

Intercity buses: There are four lines that connect the airport to the surrounding cities. These are helpful to use if you are not actually staying in Palma or want to take trips to the surrounding cities for fun or business.

Car Rentals: If you need to rent a car after you arrive at the airport, there are several options for car rentals. Some of the most reputable car rental companies in the world have rental desks at the Palma airport and you should have no problem finding a company that you are comfortable with. The rental companies at Palma airport include Hertz, Avis, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Europcar, Goldcar Rental, Sixt, and InterRent.

Taxis: If you need a taxi, there are several taxi lines that serve the Palma airport. You can call and schedule a pickup from a taxi ahead of time or hail a cab once you arrive at the airport.

Palma Terminals

The Palma airport has four terminals for flyers to use when they are arriving or departing the airport. Our of all four of the terminals currently in use, the only original terminal is terminal A. Terminal A is currently mostly used for routes headed to Britain. The rest of the terminals are currently used for various international destinations.

Other Accommodations


There are dozens of shops located within the airport that you can find everything from souvenirs to traveling essentials in. These shops are scattered throughout the airport and located in various areas and terminals.


There is everything from fast food to fine dining to beer gardens in the airport. If you are looking for a quality meal, you shouldn’t have a problem finding something to eat before or after your flight in the terminals and other areas throughout the airport. There are also numerous coffee shops.

VIP Services

You can also find VIP lounges throughout the airport. You can purchase tickets to the VIP lounges online or through your airline. VIP lounges give you increased privacy and comfort during your airport experience.


In Mallorca, there are several things to do. There are boat tours, helicopter rides, tropical destinations, diving lessons, nature watches, and other fun things to do. Consult the tourism desk at your hotel to get a better picture of what is near you. You can get transport to the various attractions from your hotel or the airport using car rental, public transit, or taxi services.


Phone: (+34) 913 211 000
Postal Address: 07611 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

Palma Airport

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