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Check-In Desks

There are several check-in desks located throughout the airport. They are distributed by zones and numbers. You will be able to see which check-in desk you need to go to by looking for your flight on the flight informational screens. Be sure to arrive early to check-in for your flight to allow for unforeseen delays.

Automatic Check-In Machines

If you are looking for an automatic check-in machine, you can find them next to the check-in counters for the various flights. Currently, only Air Europa offers automatic check-ins for their flights.

Online Check-In

The other option that you have for check-ins is online. You can check in online through the website before you ever get to the airport. You can receive your boarding pass immediately when you check in online, which allows you to bypass other procedures and go straight to the security checkpoints when you arrive at the airport.

If you are checking in online, be sure to print out all the necessary documentation and make sure that you have the travel documents that you need. There is a fee to print off this information at the airport. Online check-in is not available with all airlines.

Security Checks

If you are going to be accessing a boarding area, you must go through security checkpoints and pass through the metal detector. You have to check your hand luggage and other items on your person as well. There will be an x-ray inspection. At this point, you should have our boarding pass ready to present to the security team.


Once you have gone through the necessary security and check-in procedures, you can board in one of the four modules and five floors. Once you have gone through security, check to see what your boarding gate is. This will show you where you need to go.

Palma Airport

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