Palma Airport Taxi
Palma Airport Taxi
Palma Airport Taxi

Palma Airport Taxi

Travelling to the city centre from the airport using a Palma airport taxi makes for a brilliant idea as it gives one the opportunity to pass by the popular spots in the city on your way to the hotel.

Generally speaking, Palma airport taxis have two charging rates. These are determined by the time of the day. Public holidays also have different rates from ordinary days.

To hire a Palma airport taxi from 6.00am up to 10.00pm during working days, the transportation rates are €0.93 per km with the minimum fare being €3. If you want to hold the taxi, the waiting charges are €17.85 per hour. You also have the option of quarterly charges for holding the taxi. This is €3.60 for every 15 minutes. There is also an airport charge of €1.65.

From 10.00pm to 6.00am, and all day on holidays, the Palma airport taxi rates change to €1.10 per kilometre with the minimum charge being €4. The waiting charges are €20.15 per hour and €3.60 for quarterly charges.

The minimum fare from the airport is €13.28 (including supplements)

Palma airport taxis are available at the taxi rank located outside the terminals. While making online reservations for a taxi it is always important to inquire about all of the charges involved and who is to cater for them. For instance, the airport charges can easily skip one’s mind. It is always wise to inquire on these extra charges, and who is to foot the bill/fare.

When using the Palma airport taxi services ensure you pass by the fabulous historic sites the city has to offer. There is the La Seu built between 1229 and 1601. This is the magnificent Cathedral located within the city. There is also the old town towards the south of the city. These are but a few of the eye-catching sights that the Palma airport taxi drivers will be glad to take you to.

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What To Avoid When Taking Taxis At Palma Airport

Getting a taxi from Palma Airport to the city of Palma or other locations on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca can have many benefits. Among the advantages is that you won’t have to share the car with any strangers, you can rest assured that your luggage is safe in the trunk of the vehicle, and you’ll be driven to the front door of your hotel or other type of accommodation.

However, as with any type of service there are unfortunately some problematic taxi drivers and thieves operating at the airport at certain times. They may try any number of scams or other tricks to try and charge you more money for the taxi ride than you should be paying them.

Falling victim to any kind of taxi scam can be an upsetting part of any vacation, even if it’s only a few Euros, so keep reading to learn general tips about using taxis at Palma Airport.

Pickpockets in the Palma airport taxi queue

While you’re waiting in the line to get a taxi, one tactic that pickpockets will use is to have one person speak to you or otherwise create a diversion where you’re facing, and as you’re distracted their partner will try to steal your wallet, purse or other belongings. Stay vigilant and keep an eye on your bags and valuable possessions at all times around the airport.

Fake drivers approaching you

If you have prebooked your taxi pickup at Palma Airport, after your have collected your bags and have cleared security you’ll be looking for a driver that is holding a sign with your name on it. However, some drivers have started approaching arriving tourists in the terminal and claiming to be their taxi, and then taking them on a journey that results in a much more expensive fare.

Ignore offers of taxis at the airport

Similar to the previous trick, some unlicensed taxi drivers will approach passengers in the airport terminal and say they can provide a much cheaper fare than the official taxis waiting to pick up tourists outside. This is a lie and instead these unlicensed drivers will charge you a much higher rate than what you would have paid with a regular taxi. Just ignore these people if they come up to you in the airport, and walk to the official taxi pickup queue instead.

Check the taxi meter is working

Taxis from Palma Airport operate using distance-based meters, so the longer your journey, the more expensive the fare will be. But some drivers attempt to con more money out of passengers by claiming that their meter does not work, and instead offering what they claim is a good flat rate even though it would have been cheaper when using the meter. Before your journey starts, as the driver to show you that the meter is running, and don’t ride in a car with a broken meter.

Taking the long way to your destination

Because taxis that pick up visitors from the airport use meters that charge fares based on distance, some drivers might try to take you on an unnecessarily long route to your hotel or wherever else you’re heading on the island. To prevent this from happening you can research the quickest, most direct route from the airport to your destination and then demand that the taxi driver follow this path, because it will prevent them trying to take the long way round.

Not giving you the right change

Another time to be vigilant when on your taxi ride is at the end when you are paying the driver. If you are using Euros and you expect to get some change back from the fare then you must ensure that you have been giving the right amount of money back. Some drivers will try to confuse you and hand back fewer Euros than you are entitled to receive.

Demanding you tip a set amount

Tipping taxi drivers that pick up at Palma Airport is not required by law and you have every right to end the journey without giving your driver any tip, particularly if you believe that the ride was unsafe. However, some taxi drivers might try to claim that you are required to give them a tip at a set amount, often much higher than what would be reasonable for a tip. If this happens, refuse to pay them and warn the driver you can report them to the taxi authorities.

Approximate Taxi Fares from Palma Airport

Puerto (Pelaires)142022
Puerto (Dique Del Oeste)162125
Palma Center (Pl. Espanya)121820
Cala Major – Sant Agusti212630
CA’N Pastilla7,51415
Las Maravillas8,51416
Camp De Mar384956
Port d’Andratx425461
Palma Nova263641
Santa Ponca304146
Puerto Portals253540
Colonia Sant Jordi486069
Cala D’OR597283
Calla Millor698395
Cala Ragada8096109
Playa De Muro647889
Port D’ Alcudia627687
Port De Pollenca678193
Port De Soller344551
Sa Coma657990

To avoid the never-ending Palma airport taxi queues we suggest you to pre-book your taxi transfer.

Palma Airport Taxi FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Palma Airport Taxis 

Whether you are flying to the capital city of Palma on Spain’s Balearic Island of Mallorca for work or leisure, you should know that you have two primary travel options to get from Palma de Mallorca Airport to the city centre: taxis or buses. This frequently asked questions guide offers you top tips for everything you need to know about taking a taxi to and from Palma’s airport.

The average journey time is about 20 minutes, but this can increase or decrease depending on the level of road traffic at the time that you decide to travel.

Although there are no fixed taxi rates for this journey, you should plan on spending between €35 and €40, and potentially more if you would like to give your driver a tip.

This journey will also take roughly 20 minutes but the precise time will depend on how much traffic there is, with busier teams leading to a longer overall journey time.

Yes. Once you have landed at the airport and cleared customs and collected your bags, follow the signs inside the building for the taxi pickup area. You will find it located outside the arrivals centre, and then simply join the queue to wait for your turn to get into a taxi.

The local government has prohibited Uber and other ride-hailing companies from operating anywhere on Mallorca. As a result, the only type of taxi service available are those that are registered officially and have the right to pick up passengers from the airport. You should never accept a ride from an unregistered driver if they approach you at the airport.

Unfortunately travel options from the airport to other destinations on the island are somewhat limited, and your only alternative to taking a taxi is to ride by public bus. These journeys are much cheaper than a taxi (usually about €5) but you should expect to be traveling for longer by taxi, because the bus will make several stops along the way to your final destination.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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